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Blog post #1: CHIVALRY and TRADITIONAL VALUES… Where did they go???

  • Opening a door for someone or saying “Thank You” to someone that did,
  • Raising your hand & saying “excuse me”, or politely getting someone’s attention instead of talking over or interrupting someone in the middle of talking,
  • Giving someone your full attention by looking them in the eyes instead of fumbling around with your phone or veering off in another direction,
  • Addressing an elder by “Dude”, “Man”, or “Bro”;
    Seems familiar?  Of course it does!  Because that’s what our society has come to… It’s all too common nowadays that our younger generations have grown accustomed to the “equal this and equal that” BS to where they feel ENTITLED, LAZY and UNGRATEFUL… like they’re owed something!!!  Whatever happened to good old fashion Hard Work, Earn Your Keep, and Respect?!?!?How can you feel entitled to something that you didn’t help accomplish?  How can you be proud of something where you didn’t put in the work?  And why would you feel either of the above without considering or thanking the people that helped you get to a point of recognition?

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s a sprinkle of Respectful, Hard Working and Mature-Minded young folks out there, which I completely offer you my praise.  But the vast majority needs some serious reflection and reminding about respect, manners and common courtesy!

    I find myself cheering on some of the controversial posts and videos that go viral on Facebook and YouTube that make the news about an old-school parent disciplining their child the old fashioned way with a God-fearing ass whoopin!  The general public is so quick to react on the mere act of the punishment or “discipline” without even knowing how or why it came about.

    I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of mixed responses (which is the point of this blog), but I am a big fan of “old school discipline”… to a point!

    Pumping the fear of God into someone (an adolescent) for committing a big no-no kinda works!  But those “no-no’s” back in the day don’t seem so bad in today’s day and age.  Do you remember getting smacked in the mouth for cussing or talking back your parents or elders?  How about getting spanked or whooped for cutting school?  Or even beat down because you were caught smoking or drinking?  That consequence usually came from someone in authority like your parents, someone who’s “been there done that”, someone old school and has traditional values.

    Traditional values refer to those beliefs, moral codes, and mores that are passed down from generation to generation within a culture, subculture or community.”
    – Wikipedia

    Respect, Honor, Discipline, and Integrity are among the top core values of Martial Arts.  Values that have been “passed down from generation to generation” regardless of style (i.e., Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, etc.).

    A student respects their teacher (Sensei, Kru, Trainer/Instructor), Gym (Academy or Dojo), and their system or culture of what they were taught.  As they progress or grow, they are encouraged to live by and spread the teachings of their culture to others, thus bringing honor to their heritage.


    Let’s get old school and bring back those traditional values!!!  Our kids need the guidance…

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